Land is Where it All Begins

Photo: Nana Kofi Acquah/Oxfam

Land is vital to our livelihoods. Whether we use it for building a home, operating a business, growing food, or for mere enjoyment, land sustains us all.

For small-scale farmers and food producers, for example, land is the first asset they invest in and the most important one they bequeath to their daughters and sons. Land is a fundamental component of wellbeing that is not captured by simple income indicators. Land empowers women and men to have a meaningful voice in decisions that affect their lives. It is the building block for access to other rights and services.


When land rights are jeopardised, so are the livelihoods and rights of women, men and communities depending on it. Oxfam works on these crucial issues to combat this.



Photo: Oxfam in Bolivia

Land rights are essential to sustainable and equitable economic, social, political development. To make all of this happen, we believe that rural women, men and communities need voices and choices regarding their rights to land.

We recognise that working on land, means working on big changes in a broader governance system with multiple socio-political, economic and environmental interests. Because of this, we work to protect and secure land rights at community, national and international levels, ensuring our programmes are sustainable and needs-based, while also enabling a global approach.


Our Global Land Programme brings together all efforts made by Oxfam at the community, national and international levels in protecting and securing land rights for sustainable development. With actions spread across more than 30 countries, supported with international advocacy and policy engagement, we aim to achieve impact at all levels for equitable and just land rights. Find out more about our work by clicking on the different regions.

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Photo: Oxfam in Bolivia