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Land issues continue to hamper the development of Chad, despite formal adherence to international initiatives and programmes. Land tenure laws are outdated and obsolete, dating back to 1967. Although they are not inherently discriminatory, socio-cultural constraints and the high level of poverty prevents rural women from gaining access to land.

Chad is a full member of the Kilimanjaro Initiative, which is a major pan-African movement of rural women aiming to claim their access to land. Oxfam aided this initiative, launching a national advocacy campaign in coalition with “For a Chad without hunger with rural women”, to encourage inclusive land reforms.

This campaign, sponsored by the First Lady, launched on October 6, 2017, and has already brought about strong actions that have been carried out both in the capital and in rural areas through broadcasts and debates. These aim to mobilize, inform and sensitize national and local authorities, women's rights advocates and rural women in Chad on women's access to land.

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